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---- Exodus and John ----

---- 21 Stories Side by Side ----

Book of Exodus/John
Summary of Exodus Story.
Summary of John Story.
1 Exodus 1
John 1: 1:34
New king in Egypt, children of Israel multiply, and the king makes their life bitter In the beginning-word. Witness of the Light. Lamb of God. Baptism of Jesus
2 Exodus 2
John 1:35-51
Moses born, put in ark/river, Pharaoh's daughter as mother, grows, kills, flees(runs) Disciples are gathered.
3 Exodus 3-4:1-9
John 2:1-11
Moses keeps Jethro's flocks, burning bush, explanation of deliverance of Israel Wedding in Cana - Miracle #1 Reverse of Waters into Blood.)
4 Exodus 4:10-16
John 2:12-24
Moses not eloquent of speech, bargains for help with his talks with Pharaoh Jesus cleanses the temple, his Fatherís house.
5 Exodus 4:19-31
John 3
Moses told to return to Egypt and the first born will die, foreskin story, meets Aaron Nidodemus, born again, and seeing the Kingdom of God. Must be born of water and the Spirit.
6 Exodus 5
John 4:1-26
Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh, Pharaoh makes them gather straw Samaria woman at the well. Living Water and never thirsting again.
7 Exodus 6:1-8
John 4:27-42
God tells Moses that he is about to see what is going to be done to Pharaoh Samaria woman still at the well. Disciples reap where they donít labor.
8 Exodus 6:9-30
John 4:43-54
Moses speaks to Israelites, they don't listen, Moses told to go to Pharaoh again Prophet no honor in own country. Noblemanís son healed. Miracle #2 Reverse of Pharaoh first born died.
9 Exodus 7-11
John 5
Moses/ Aaron go to Pharaoh, 9 of the 10 plagues happen, the last plagues in foretold Man healed at the pool of Bethesda. Miracle #3 Reverse of Moses cast tree into the water and the water turning from bitter to sweet.
10 Exodus 12:1-20
John 6
The Lord explains the passover to Moses, the lamb, blood, bread, bitter herbs, death Jesus goes up on mountain and feeds with bread and fish. Miracle #4 Like Moses and the bread and quail coming down from heaven. Miracle #5 Jesus walks on the water in the storm, reverse of Moses and the wind that dries the Red Sea.
11 Exodus 12:21-36
John 7
Moses tell the elders of Israel what the Lord told him Feast of Tabernacles and Jesus tells his brothers to go but his time is not yet. Jesus teaches in the temple.
12 Exodus 13
John 8
The Lord tells Moses it is time, Pharaoh won't let them go, firstborn die, Israelites leave Woman taken in adultery brought to him. Writes on the ground of the Temple twice. Jesus teaches in the temple again.
13 Exodus 14
John 9
Israelites camp, Pharaoh follows, pillar/cloud, Sea parts, Israelites cross, Egypt drowns Jesus heals the blind man. Washes in the pool of Siloam. Miracle #6 Jesus lets a blind man see, in Moses day, they see God on the mountain.
14 Exodus 15:1-21
John 10:1-39
Moses and the children of Israel sing a Song unto the Lord Jesus is the door and the good shepherd, not a hireling.
15 Exodus 15:22-27
John 10:40-42, Ch.11
The bitter waters of Marah, tree cast in, waters sweet, "no diseases", "I healeth thee" Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. Miracle #7 The Jews of Moses day were at the mountain and choose Moses instead of God and they ďDiedĒ a little more, just like Adam and Eve. Jesus reversal, raises the dead.
16 Exodus 16
John 12
Wildness of Sin, murmuring, manna/quail, twice on 6th day, Sabbath no gathering food Mary takes a pound of ointment of spikenard and anoints the feet of Jesus. Branches of palm trees on the ground for Jesus. Voice from heaven comes, some hear thunder - some hear God.
17 Exodus 17
John 13-17
Israelites murmur to Moses for water, the LORD tells Moses to strike the rock Jesus washes feet, Judas eats the bread that Jesus dipped for him, Satan enters in. Jesus gives long talk about everything that is about to happen.
18 Exodus 18
John 18:1-37
Jethro hears what God has done. Jethro structures leaders for Moses. Jesus goes into the Garden, Judas comes for him with the leaders.
19 Exodus 19-33:6
John 18:38-40 and Ch.19
Moses up and down the mountain six times up and down the mountain talking to the LORD Jesus taken to Pilate, people choose Barabbas the thief over Jesus. Jesus whipped and crowned and robed. Jesus crucified, Clothes parted four ways but coat kept whole.
19(#4) Exodus 20:1-21a
John 19:13-32
God speaks to everyone from the mountain (commonly know as the Ten Commandments) Starts with Pilate in the judgment seat up, ends with the crucifixion.
20 Exodus 33:7-Ch.34
John 20:1-18
Moses- the seventh time up and down the mountain talking to the LORD, The Tabernacle order Mary, Peter and John at the empty tomb. Jesus appears to Mary as a Gardener. Jesus says donít touch me I have to ascend to my Father.
21 Exodus 35-40
John 20:19-31 and Ch.21
Construction of the Tabernacle Jesus comes to the disciples in the closed room twice and then out at the sea and the fire pit. Picture of tabernacle. Jesus tells Peter that John will tarry (be alive) till I come.