Book of Exodus
Summary of the "7s" Story.
1 Exodus 1 New king in Egypt, children of Israel multiply, and the king makes their life bitter
2 Exodus 2 Moses born, but in ark/river, Pharaoh's daughter as mother, grows, kills, flees(runs)
3 Exodus 3 Moses keeps Jethro's flocks, burning bush, explanation of deliverance of Isreal
4 Exodus 4 (1st) Moses not eloquent of speech, bargains for help with his talks with Pharaoh
5 Exodus 4 (2nd) Moses told to return to Egypt and the first born will die, foreskin story, meets Aaron
6 Exodus 5 Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh, Pharaoh makes them gather straw
7 Exodus 6 (1st) God tells Moses that he is about to see what is going to be done to Pharaoh
8 Exodus 6 (2nd) Moses speaks to Israelites, they don't listen, Moses told to go to Pharaoh again
9 Exodus 7 thru 11 Moses/ Aaron go to Pharaoh, 9 of the 10 plagues happen, the last plagues in foretold
10 Exodus 12 (1st) The Lord explains the passover to Moses, the lamb, blood, bread, bitter herbs, death
11 Exodus 12 (2nd) Moses tell the elders of Israel what the Lord told him
12 Exodus 13 The Lord tells Moses it is time, Pharaoh won't let them go, firstborn die, Israelites leave
13 Exodus 14 Israelites camp, Pharaoh follows, pillar/cloud, Sea parts, Israelites cross, Egypt drowns
14 Exodus 15 (1st) Moses and the children of Israel sing a Song unto the Lord
15 Exodus 15 (2nd) The bitter waters of Marah, tree cast in, waters sweet, "no diseases", "I healeth thee"
16 Exodus 16 Wilderness of Sin, murmuring, manna/quail, twice on 6th day, Sabbath no gathering food
17 Exodus 17 Israelites murmur to Moses for water, the LORD tells Moses to strike the rock
18 Exodus 18 Jethro hears what God has done. Jethro structures leaders for Moses.
19 Exodus 19 - 33:6 Moses up and down the mountain six times, but there are seven events. See Chapter 33:7 - Ch. 34 for the seventh time up and down the mountain talking to the LORD
20 Exodus 33:7 - 34 Moses- the seventh time up and down the mountain talking to the LORD, The Tabernacle order
21 Exodus 35 - 40 Construction of the Tabernacle